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About Mighty Cherries

Our Vision


We aspire to grow the next generations of little cherries, independent, full of flavours creativity, and ready to bring bold colours to the world.

To be Mighty Cherries


Caring educators

To be caring is our number one criteria for all our educators, we carefully handpicked and trained each one of them to ensure their ability in treating every little cherries

Heart-filled program

Build and crafted to grow from the heart

Excellence in delivery

Professionalism at the heart of our educators

Reliable friends of parents

We are not only your partners, but we are your reliable friends, we value your transparencies and honesty

Rich in fun and happiness

Shares the environment that we always aim to create

Individual uniqueness

We believe every individual is unique and beautifully different and we want to make sure to take care each one of our little cherries as personal as who they are

Enabling the future

We are nurturing the next generations of the nations

Safe zone for everyone

We are providing safe environment to facilitate the learning process